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      Analysis of common problems in mechanical and elec

      Time:2017-08-31  Author:  Hit:2234

      Analysis of common problems in mechanical and electrical installation engineering
      In the installation of mechanical and electrical equipment switch, because the dynamic (static) contact the contact pressure and the contact surface is not enough or the construction of improper operation, may cause electric contact oxidation, increased contact resistance, contact a fire burned.
      When installing and checking the current transformer, because of negligence, the primary winding is open, and it may produce too high voltage, endangering personal safety and equipment safety.
      The circuit breaker arc contact type or installed wrong, cause the insertion stroke, switching speed, contact pressure, over the same period, cannot meet the design requirements, the contact will be due to overheating, arcing time, thus resulting in the dielectric decomposition, voltage surge, circuit breaker caused by explosion.
      Due to the assembly of a regulating device with a load regulating device, a mistake in the fashion, or falling into the sundries when assembled, the normal operation of the mechanism can not be carried out, and the accidents in varying degrees can also occur.
      The main transformer internal or outlet side grounding accidents, short circuit and protection circuit breaker tripping, not trip, so due to the short circuit current and short circuit accident at the huge expansion, but also the internal temperature of the surge voltage of main transformer, transformer oil has also been rapid gasification, decomposed into explosive flammable, so vicious explosion accident.
      The installation of main transformer iron core and high pressure pipe work, like the key, accidentally fell into the screw cap and other debris or inside the casing body, internal drainage is not clean, or incorrect installation of sealing device for damage is not tight, these will reduce the main transformer insulation strength, cause local insulation failure or breakdown caused by bad accident.


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