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      Precautions for installation of water pipelines

      Time:2017-08-13  Author:  Hit:2050

      We all know the importance of drainage pipes to a project, so pay special attention to it when installing. When we carry out the pipeline trench excavation, we shall find that the pipelines, cables and other buried objects must be reported in time, and can not be dealt with without authorization. In digging trenches, be sure to pay attention to the stability of the soil wall. If there are cracks and collapse, the builders should leave immediately and deal with them promptly. During manual cleaning, the distance between the operators should not be too small. To check daily or after rain, check the soil wall and support stability and continue to work while ensuring safety. Excavator check in and start digging machinery maintenance shall, after commissioning of the normal empty before starting work; excavator operation into the shovel should not be too deep, upgrade should not be excessive, any part of the machinery and overhead transmission line distance should meet the requirements of safety operation procedures.
      In general, we should pay attention to the following when we are doing pipe installation:
      1, operators should be based on the nature of the work, equipped with the necessary protective equipment.
      2 electrician must be certified. The distribution system and motor are in accordance with the provisions of zero or ground protection.
      3, mechanical operators must be documented. The maintenance and maintenance of mechanical equipment should be in good condition in time.
      4, the status of pipeline removal, alteration, there must be a special command, strictly prohibit non construction personnel into the scene.
      5, lifting the pipe, there must be a special command, prohibit drunk operation crane.
      6, in the vicinity of high-voltage lines or bare hoisting operation, should according to the specific circumstances of a power outage or take other reliable protective measures, quasi lifting work.
      7, flammable and explosive materials, equipment strict management, oxygen, acetylene, after use, according to the requirements of separate storage.
      8, welding construction, welders in rainy days must wear insulated rubber shoes, wear insulation gloves, in case of electric shock.


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