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      Notes on office decoration and plant renovation

      Time:2017-06-25  Author:  Hit:2036

      The first to choose a professional office decoration companies to carry out their own planning office office decoration, in the design process to reflect many projects involved in the office decoration drawings and budget policy, because the office decoration engineering is a diversified construction organization, conventional project involves the office decoration and a lot. Different office decoration projects are often in the office decoration plays a decisive key.
      The entire office space lighting layout reasonable, clean and bright, light reflector lamp downlight, slot grid lamps light the overall lighting at the same time the rational use of the skylight and the individual space combination, form a pleasant mood, clean feeling. The decorative style embodiment of aesthetic fashion, layout ingenious arrangement, style collocation well-proportioned, space shape upright and construction meters yellow building with echoes, and new materials, to create a high-tech, detailed and full of sense of space, let a space change of smooth nature, full of rhythm.
      Three key points in the reconstruction of factory buildings
      One, pay attention to the ground material, plant decoration should be ground, a lot of ground plant decoration is not required to load, then you can consider using some cheap decorative materials, such as plant ground decoration materials or cement floor to do terrazzo, some building decoration should be taken into account when the anti-static, then you should choose anti-static the floor or anti epoxy floor as the material of choice for the ground, and the plant decoration need ground load, so it is necessary to do the concrete on the ground level, concrete is divided into commercial concrete and concrete practice of two kinds of soil, the cost is slightly high but stable quality, the low price quality in general, and in the concrete the other is paved on the relatively hard texture of stone veneer can do.
      Two, the top surface of the reasonable design in the building decoration should be noted is the top, top of the plant is usually high, and most of them are the first to design the steel frame structure, fire protection, ventilation, and central air-conditioning reasonable arrangement in the decoration at the top, because these are the necessary hardware facilities building decoration, especially fire. The next step is to determine whether according to the use requirements of ceiling problem, building ceiling material lot, if some can be used for beautiful mineral wool board, gypsum board, and other materials to the top decoration, also can not do anything to the top of the ceiling, or to hide unsightly some local modification and facilities a modern minimalist design.

      Three, the internal space division space division plant is mainly to carry out effective operators reasonable use a space according to the requirements of the actual use of their own, if the plant has numerous equipment, is not set too many partition and partition, as far as the ground color or with some color knowledge to divide the region by region to avoid identification the color is too much, so not only the regional division is not obvious but also feel dizzy, and the workshop can be clearly divided into equipment area and office area, such planning is now more common, because of the ease of management. Then, in the design of such a factory area, we must master the close integration of data and space, and also take into account the working distance between the equipment area and the office area is smooth, as well as dust, noise interference.


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