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      How to solve the contamination of the clean worksh

      Time:2017-08-31  Author:  Hit:2223

      Floating particle clean workshop concentration, the use of efficient filter can easily reach the zero level, the actual production site due to contact with dust and substrate operator and machine, mechanical parts surrounding transport material dust, in the manufacture of micro particles surrounding raised slightly, resulting in a clean surface element particle pollution.
      In the way to clean room and do not carry nuanced particles have operators into the clean room, machine parts, the articles should be carried out before cleaning; enter the clean workshop in the locker room to wear no dust, no static electricity generated with special conductive fiber material, clean clothes, shoes, gloves, hat masks. Through the wind shower room, the use of high-speed clean air to remove the particles attached to the surface of the clothes before you can enter the clean room. The machine and material into the clean room, should be brought into the clean room room maintenance in a sealed state after wiping with ultra pure water, by air shower shower before entering the clean room. In the clean room, you should wear a closed safety helmet and wear, with small exhaust at the waist.
      The cleanliness of the clean room can be maintained if the technology is not implemented thoroughly. But in reality, the frequent entry and exit of people and goods, and the manufacture of machine stops, it is impossible to have complete cleanliness in the vast clean room. Therefore, it is very important to clean up the no storage technology in the cleaning plant and quickly apply the filter to remove the particles that have already occurred. Particles that normally occur will stay on the surface of the surrounding object in accordance with gravity and electrostatic adsorption. Sudden vibrations and unstable air currents cause the accumulated particles to rise again in the air, increasing the risk of major particulate contamination.


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