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      Notice of plant decoration

      Time:2017-08-14  Author:  Hit:2110

      Plant decoration is a big favorite, a lot of enterprises are in their own factories to look clean and tidy, comfortable, so that employees can work in a comfortable working environment, it is the enterprise boss to do. Please decorate the company to decorate, this is not just decoration company's thing, you also want to understand the workshop decoration problem, let yourself satisfaction is the most important.
      First, the use of reasonable function layout
      To carry out scientific classification according to the specific practical area is the primary purpose, the general plant area is large, then in time division function and considering the flow distribution and reserved ventilation, fire channel.
      Two, fire approval
      For safety, be sure not to ignore the fire equipment installation, installation of fire facilities, you need to go to the local fire bureau for approval, after the completion of the project, you need to report. The general approval of the fire procedures required about 10 days to complete, so in the decoration before asking the fire company in the project negotiations.
      Three, partition choice
      In the decoration process often area should be reasonably divided into different functional areas, so it needs to use the partition of different materials to division, the commonly used partition generally: light steel keel gypsum board partition, glass partition, glass stainless steel and pure aluminum plate with tempered glass partition partition, the partition can be to divide the role, just represent different styles, prices are not the same, the light steel keel gypsum board partition cost low, is easy to be accepted.
      Four. Selection of ground material
      Plant in the ground is very important, because there are many to wear every day, try to choose some durable materials, such as the need to ground bearing plant on the basis of the best in the original ground laying a layer of concrete, some anti-static workshop should ground laying anti-static floor or anti-static materials such as PVC, there are more wear the ground material called "terrazzo floor", the ground is economical and practical, but with the advent of the new plant material on the ground now, this product has not be interested.
      Five, the top surface of the material rather than
      Mineral wool board and calcium silicate board are commonly used in building decoration materials, these materials with low cost, simple operation, low light, usually recognized by consumers need, it is worth noting that, regardless of the use of such materials as the top surface materials are mainly related to fire protection facilities, usually do first the ceiling keel, and then start the installation of fire protection engineering, spray smoke pipeline facilities, such as ceiling materials all completed, fire facilities to carry on the final spray head and adjacent smoke sensor installation.


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