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      Gas application of vacuum smelting gas atomizing p

      Time:2017-07-11  Author:  Hit:2379

      The production of metal powder belongs to the national high and new technology industry, the use of type of alloy powder metallurgy manufacturing widely used in welding and brazing alloy, for example, the electronics industry for aircraft nickel and cobalt and iron alloy, hydrogen storage alloy and magnetic alloy and alloy sputtering target for active production, such as titanium. In recent years the rapid development of many enterprises and social capital to invest in this field.
      Vacuum smelting gas atomization mainly refers to the melting of metal raw materials in a vacuum environment, and the melt flow is dispersed and atomized by the power of high-pressure inert gas flow.
      Tianjin Bo Bo Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. to us, as a professional gas equipment providers, they are in the gas industry in the new industry has been very concerned about the application. Inert gas plays a very important role in the process of vacuum smelting gas atomization. In addition to the gas purity requirements, stable high pressure and large flow output is the key to ensure the quality of products, in addition to using argon as a shielding gas power relative to the metal powder sphericity and oxidation index of nitrogen are better.
      In order to meet the needs of the large quantity (1500 standard cubic meter / hour) of inert gas and stable output of high pressure (greater than 40bar) required by aerosol equipment, the following schemes can be adopted:
      The first kind of scientific research of the metal atomized powder milling, general powder production is not large, the total amount of gas is not required, the frequency of atomization is not high, can use the cylinder or gas container way of gas supply. Connect a number of inert gas cylinders to the gas bus. Enter the gas main pipe by the highest 150bar pressure, then reduce to 40bar through the pressure regulating valve and enter the atomization furnace. The advantage of using the gas supply of the bus is that the investment cost of the disposable gas equipment is low. The disadvantage is that the cost of purchasing cylinder gas is high, and the quantity of the steel cylinder in the field is too large, and the risk of dumping and wounding is easy to occur.
      Second kinds of production of metal atomizing powder, the total amount of gas requirements, high frequency of atomization. If the use of the first method, the use of large quantities of cylinders, gas procurement costs are very high. Using AR as an example, the low temperature liquid argon storage tank, through the booster pump the liquid argon pressure to 100 to 200bar, and then through the vaporization carburetor for argon at room temperature after storage in the buffer system, when using argon through a pressure regulating valve to 40bar, in order to get the stable output of high pressure and large flow capacity. The disadvantage of this approach is that one-time input costs are greater. The advantage is that the liquid argon procurement cost is 1/10 to 1/5 of the argon price of the cylinder. For long-term production enterprises, the use of liquid argon combined cost is lower.
      No matter which method is used to supply the inert gas, the inert gas used in the atomization process requires large flow, high pressure and high total output stability. Meanwhile, the whole set of gas supply system is safe and reliable. In addition to considering the pressure, flow, but also consider the liquid nitrogen, liquid argon cryogenic temperature (minus 190 degrees Celsius) on the follow-up equipment, operators damage risk, and to meet the automation and convenience of equipment operation. Therefore, the construction and process design of special equipment, such as pressure pipe and pressure vessel, are particularly important in the gas supply system.
      Research has been dedicated to the new gas supply program, in order to provide new industries with lower cost, better parameters and safe and reliable gas supply equipment. At present, their construction team has vacuum inert gas atomization system of ALD vacuum inert gas atomization system of Beijing Institute of Aerial Materials, Beijing General Research Institute of mining and Metallurgy (ALD VIGA), the electrode induction melting gas atomization equipment of iron and Steel Research Institute (ALD EIGA), Aerospace Research Institute of materials and technology of hot isostatic pressing, hot isostatic pressing system of Harbin Institute of Technology Shanghai Institute of optics equipment, hot isostatic pressing equipment and gas construction of multiple sets of this type of high pressure and large flow supply equipment.


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