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      Mechanical and electrical installation of welder s

      Time:2017-06-20  Author:  Hit:2189

      When working, you should wear protective articles before wearing wet shoes in damp places, and don't wear wet clothes. It is forbidden to weld or cut flammable, weldable objects and containers that contain flammable and explosive containers. If welding is required, all residues inside and outside the container shall be cleaned and checked by the relevant safety personnel. At work, welding work away from flammable and explosive objects 10 meters away.

      The welder works in front of the fire fighting card in the flammable and explosive field, and after the unit safety technology and fire control safety department finds that the unit fire officer is responsible for the approval, fire fighting shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions and approved by the fire. The deadline is invalid. When welding, check whether the surrounding environment allows combustion, high-altitude operations to collocation safety belt, working electrode should be firm, tool imitation place, prevent falling off, following good safety measures, pedestrian safety, rain, do not allow open or high-altitude operations.
      Welding sealed containers, open exhaust ventilation, personnel into the container work, strengthening ventilation facilities, at least 2 people work together, one person operation, one person monitoring and protection. In the presence of toxic substances for welding, to remove residues, after the test to strengthen ventilation work, the staff should wear protective masks to protect the workplace, to take reliable safety measures.


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