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      Tianjin Bobei 12 months of safety and quality ins

      Time:2016-12-19  Author:  Hit:2258

        At the end of the year, the task is heavy, the time limit for a project. In order to ensure the safety and quality in the rush period, in the controllable range. December 30th Tianjin Bobei the electrical and mechanical equipment Engineering Co., Ltd., the project manager and the construction team leader for safety and quality inspection.
             The inspection focused on the quality of the site construction, large-scale equipment, special types of work, temporary electricity to fire, etc.. In the process of project inspection and put forward specific requirements for the construction team to attack the safety and quality of work during the period: one is the requirements of the labor force work must be clear responsibilities, responsibilities to the people, to ensure the safety and quality risks check out timely and effective relief; do emergency and found, timely report, timely disposal is two; well hidden rectification review work, found that each safety quality problems, must be responsible for the inspection by the person. Rectification of the situation, to ensure the complete elimination of hidden dangers; three is to require all personnel to further improve the safety and quality of the construction of the importance of understanding, and strive to do not relax in principle, in principle, do not relax. Strengthen the awareness of safety and quality, enhance the quality of production safety work of the project a sense of mission and sense of responsibility and urgency, to prevent illegal operation and civilized construction, to ensure the safety of all personnel participating in the construction and the construction of the project in an orderly way.
             "There is no accident prevention" is the Tianjin Bobei mechanical and electrical equipment Engineering Co., ltd.. The carpet type safety inspection, mainly in order to improve the safety and quality of construction personnel to prevent awareness, reduce violations, reduce security risks. Provide favorable guarantee for safe and smooth construction.


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