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      Summary of installation and testing methods of Bob

      Time:2016-12-19  Author:  Hit:2217

           1. technical measurement is the experimental process for the value of the quantity. Any measurement process must have the measured object and the measurement unit used, and how to compare and compare the accuracy of the following two. As a result, the measurement process includes four elements, such as measuring objects, measuring units, measuring methods and measuring accuracy.
           2 .main form error, position error detection method and its error evaluation
      (1) the main form error: it is the change of the ideal factor of the measured actual factors. The main shape errors are linear, flatness, roundness, cylinder and so on.
      (2) position error: the position of the actual element of the relationship is the total variation of the reference. The main position error of parallelism, perpendicularity, inclination, circular degree, symmetry axis.
      (3) inspection method and error evaluation: in determining the timely detection methods, the key is how to embody the ideal elements. By comparing the results of different measurement methods, the error can be obtained after a certain data processing.
           3 .detection should be selected in the correct location, usually in the processing surface or axis, when the equipment has a number of processing surface and axis, should be selected in the main working surface or the main axis of work. Testing should reduce the intermediate link to avoid the accumulation of deviation. The influence of the factors such as the temperature of sunlight, wind and other factors on the outdoor tower equipment is detected.


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