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      Tianjin Bobei construction personnel in the instal

      Time:2016-12-19  Author:  Hit:2411

      1, distribution box (disc) or vertical elevation exceeds the allowed deviation is due to measurement: positioning is not accurate or caused by uneven ground, should be amended in a timely manner.
           2, distribution box iron founder without straightening is installed in the rack before, or a fixed point offset installation, application of suspension realigned after fixed.
           3, distribution box, electric instrument disk is not solid, smooth or uneven spacing, head is not strong, head wound wire core, multi wire head crimping terminal is not installed. The bottom of the brake is not fitted with a card box, the screw is not tight, should be tightened, the spacing should be adjusted according to the requirements of the uniform, to find the level. Hurt the line core parts should be re cut then, strands can be mounted on the crimping terminal card box should complement.
           4 ,the grounding conductor section is not enough or the protection ground wire section is insufficient, the protection ground wire is connected in series, to these does not conform to the request to carry on the correction according to the relevant regulations. PE line terminal distribution box, tray suitable for general public buildings, residential construction should not be used After .

      5, wiring arranged: should according to the branch bound into bundles, and fixed on the tray.

           6 ,distribution box (disc) missing parts, such as hinges, locks, screw should complete a variety of installation required parts.
           7 ,iron box electric welding and gas welding long hole: a hole should be a pipe, not used in electric welding and gas welding hole, pipe box should be flush.
           8 ,power distribution box box body stability of the surrounding cracks is too large: the application of cement mortar will box, pipe to build solid: firm.
           9, outside the wooden box without corrosion, rough inner wall: should be handled according to the provisions.
          10 ,distribution box iron box inner wall solder joint corrosion: should fill brush rust proof paint.


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