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      Tianjin Bobei central air conditioning installatio

      Time:2016-12-19  Author:  Hit:2355

      The Tianjin central air conditioning installation engineering especially, its application and device programming and device quality are closely related, the company can not usually device device, but should the household central air conditioning device professional company bear. Device, device personnel should carefully check the household central air conditioning device and decorative detailing, harmony of planning. But now the market of household central air conditioning device with disorder in the planning process and device, device does not supply device details, not accounting practice and thinking of air-conditioning energy efficiency problem; nature device technical personnel, some construction units often can not find a professional technical personnel unit Gang certificate, device quality serious doubt; in the process of supply device did not give the user selection scheme, reasonable device performance can not be based on the brand of air conditioner, attack in the process of doubt cannot bear the responsibility; the demand of publicity in the contract device list, the cost breakdown is not public information, nor in the construction process, to deceive users.
            (1) outdoor unit
           The outdoor unit of Tianjin central air conditioning installation project, built on the independent type of residence, can be installed on the basis of outdoor design, can also be placed on the roof, the neighborhood and indoor noise less. On the construction of the collection, usually only set in the open balcony or on the balcony (in addition to the top floor). Some people did not adopt any anti vibration device, directly to the air conditioner outdoor unit placed outside the vacancy (balcony or pick Taiwan based), or hung on the wall surface through a simple shelf, when the machine works (especially at night) have great influence on the interior and the neighborhood, the onset of noise not only affects the users. Also affect the neighborhood stability, the resulting neighborhood opposition, and even complaint things have happened.
           In the device, the outdoor machine range as close as possible to shorten the indoor machine, refrigeration pipeline, and to lower the indoor machine, the height difference is usually less than 5000mm; conditions as far as possible landing device, may not attack the fastening device in Taiwan noise on the base should be set in the rubber damper may strip thickness rubber within 10mm, with stable work adhere to the outdoor unit; in order to make the outdoor machine heat exchanger has a good heat transfer conditions, inlet and exhaust air to prevent backflow of Xiaochang scene, outdoor wall on one side should be a gap of more than 200mm; in the street from the ground at the bottom of the device, it is necessary to make the unit from the ground 2500mm above, can not impede traffic and passers-by walking; the outdoor unit discharge of heat (cold) wind, not close to straight to the neighborhood or passers-by, if necessary, should be set to guide fence boards in the air pollution; And the more severe acid rain and air containing more salt in coastal areas, in order to prevent and reduce the corrosion of outdoor machine of air conditioner using life together, but also to prevent direct sunlight, the cooling effect of progress of the unit, it does not interfere with the air circulation conditions, should be set on the upper sunshade device; built in the assembly type, drainage the outdoor machine (using the heat pump defrosting water condensate) should be to a construction including indoor machine were gathered under the water, so as not to affect the normal life and passers-by walking downstairs.

      (2) indoor machine

           The indoor machine is the primary part of the wind pipe type household central air conditioning installation engineering in Tianjin, due to device factors, excessive indoor machine, Water Leakage noise situation have occurred, severe and even affect the normal use of the effect of air conditioning unit.
           Indoor unit construction, mainly in accordance with the planning drawings specified azimuth device, there is no special factors do not arbitrarily change the device orientation. The indoor machine apparatus is not in the room staff often stay (rest) the local best is arranged above the storage room, aisle by hanging and supporting device; and it is necessary to support strong, indoor unit after a skew level, to ensure the necessary scene, a condensed water pan no water and no leakage between the frame and the scene; unit should be excellent damping performance of rubber damper or rubber; pick out from the indoor unit condensate pipes do not use plastic hose cheap, but should choose a U PVC tube, the horizontal section to about 5% of the slope, reliable fixation, no bending riser should be straight, scene, all the condensate water outlet pipe the fixation must have outstanding thermal insulation to prevent summer when using condensation dripping scene. The condensed water discharge should be according to the planning request of water sealing device pipe, and set the relevant rules or units according to the specification request. After installation it is necessary to do a drainage experiment, to ensure smooth drainage unit; damping sound absorption board below should be 25mm thick, sound-absorbing panels should be larger than the area of the base unit. Post information porous sound-absorbing effect to the upper and near space device indoor unit (such as sponge). When the natural attenuation is not allowed to reach the promised noise specification, the muffler should be set up. In order to prevent the transmission of vibration, the connection between the unit and the air supply plenum should be a soft connection and should not be a hard connection. According to the domestic environmental regulations, residence within the promised day noise less than 50dB (A) = 40dB (A), evening; in order to facilitate the repair, ceiling decoration in the indoor unit operation should end left door repair, this in a lot of users are often neglected, resulting in the days after the repair of trouble.
           (3) fan coil unit fan coil unit is the end of the wind pipe system. No talent of the device companies in the engineering of the device often presents such a question: noise, the effect is poor, the fan coil under the dripping. What is more, some fan coil unit personnel closed in the ceiling decoration, as long as the air outlet and


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